Dummy Data Me

A simple database content generator.

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MySQL queries

Generate random names, dates, emails, addresses and more to fill your MySQL database with data. Table names, column names, and data all have the ability to be catered to your needs.

Take a look at a sample query:

INSERT INTO `my_table` (`name`,`date`,`address`)
VALUES ('Madelyn Duke','2008-06-12','120 Earl Rudder Fwy');

Simply copy and paste generated queries into your query builder to expand your database with dummy data.

CSV files

Create large csv files filled with whatever random data you need - all in an instantly downloaded .csv file. DummyData generates comma seperated value data into a clean table, with customizable column names.

Here's an example of plain text output:

Grace Monroe,2004-06-04,44372 S Pacific St

DummyData automatically converts this into a .csv file which can be opened by many programs

HTML Table

DummyData will output your data needs into html tables. Just specify column names, the data you need, and we'll put it in an html table. You can copy this data in table form or view source to copy the html tags imbedded to create the table.

Check out a sample:

<tr><td>Antonia Green</td><td>2012-05-25</td><td>23 Holiday Hill Rd</td></tr>

Copy and paste this generated html into ant html doc and you'll have a table filled with dummy data.